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red wine2004Collection, Duclot9923Add to cart
red wine2006Collection, Duclot9887Add to cart
red wine2007Collection, Duclot9843Add to cart
red wine2011Collection, Duclot9891Add to cart
red wine2016Collection, Duclot91192Add to cart
red wine2003Eglise Clinet12140Add to cart
red wine2005Eglise Clinet6480Add to cart
red wine2010Eglise Clinet6408Add to cart
red wine2015Eglise Clinet6284Add to cart
red wine2018Eglise Clinet3639Add to cart
red wine2003Issan12118Add to cart
red wine2003Lascombes12146Add to cart
red wine2006Petit Cheval6221Add to cart
red wine2009Plus Fleur Bouard6242Add to cart

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The wine bottles have a content of 750ml unless explicitly mentioned differently.